Wondering where to get help for your Marriage?


Welcome to Communicating Love .com

Communicating Love… is about marriage relationships. On this site you will find where in the Treasure Valley you can get help either from your local church or other available tools and information to enhance your marriage. What does that mean for you? It means greater wealth, health, longevity and happiness. How you may ask? Well, just by being married the average couple do better (for the research seewww.nationalmarriageweekusa.com) Please look around and see what you find here are some things no where else found. If you can’t find what you are looking for let me know I might just be able to produce it for you; and I will and CAN if appropriate for this site include help to you and most likely many others are wondering the same things. Your response will help me prioritize what I do first. I have many plans for this site in becoming a non-prophit organization to help with resources and marriage supports….more that I can do by myself. For now, well it is a first step in the in perhaps a thousand mile journey. Are you interested in helping? Please donate or call letting me know how you can help speed things up for building available services on this site.! :0). Thanks in advance.


Dear Church Leader(s),  Is your church listed and the programs you have to offer OUR community here in the Treasure Valley?

See this link for the information I have so far and help me update and keep current!

With your help I would like to provide a hub of resources and information to everyone in the Treasure Valley regarding Marriage and Family Help.

“Communicating Love” is an organization I have developed for the purposes of helping support the restoration of Marriages.  As a Mental Health Professional Counselor of over 20 years and a Professional Marriage and Family Therapist I am dedicated to the repair and preservation of The Marriage Institution. I am just one voice; yet I add my voice to the truth of the divine role of a marriage as a gift of God to help us have more stability, health and joy in this life. While many struggle to understand marriage or do not have the skills for a happy and productive marriage; I alone am not enough to help everyone.  You may be helping many, as I am, and yet there is so much more that can be done. Knowing other resources that are available along with those we ourselves are offering will help each of us be more effective supporters to those needing marriage help. The purpose to this letter is in hopes to gather what resources are available in your congregation that could be open to the public as a resource to couples seeking help to maintain and improve their marriage… The week previous to Valentine’s Day is National Marriage Week.  In support of this and my contribution to the community I am providing free marriage classes at my office generally the second Thursday of each month this coming year starting Thursday, usually the 3rd of each month at  7-8:30pm.  If you have a group in your congregation that would like my free services I would be happy to come serve in your building by invitation.  A TOOL to Thrive in Marriage  Offered each month for anyone. My hope is to develop a master list of information that will involve many many more to improving their marriage by next years’ National Marriage week. Please call or e-mail me regarding any classes/retreats/or workshops you may be offering so that I may post them on my website and advertise to others as I go about sharing community events. Rod Limb M.Ed., LCPC, LMFT