Marriage Fundamentals Course

Improve Your Most Important Relationship

Learn ways to strengthen your marriage and truly communicate with each other. A course for couples to build, strengthen, and revive their relationship.

Happy Couple marriage Fundamentals

Does it feel like you and your spouse are not communicating well? You seem to be having more disagreements than normal?

You are wondering, how can I get my partner to listen to me????

You can’t figure out how you can both like and dislike your spouse…multiple times in the same day?

You know something is wrong in your marriage, but can’t figure it out how to fix it on your own.

You need additional tools, new insights and better understanding to help strengthen and improve your marriage.

the Marriage Fundamentals Course is for you!

Join host Rodney Limb, M.Ed., CPC, CCHT

The Marriage Fundamentals Course

Marriage Fundamentals Introduction Course Cover Image of happy couples

Marriage Fundamentals Introduction Course

Marriage Fundamentals Basic Course

Marriage Fundamentals Basic Course

Marriage Fundamentals Advanced Course Cover

Marriage Fundamentals Advanced Course

Learn Time-Test Tools and Principles to Strengthen Your Marriage
with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Rodney Limb

Rodney Limb

Rodney Limb
M.Ed., LCPC, LMFT as Counselor
M.Ed., CPC, CCHT as a Coach

As a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and a Nationally Licensed Hypnotherapist (CCHT) for around 30 years, I have had the privilege to help hundreds of couples create a happy and thriving marriage out of disaster.

This course is the realization of a 20-year goal, fueled by the struggles I have overcome and the lessons I have learned in my own marriage as well as my lifelong desire to help as many marriages in the world as I can. 

In many ways, marriage can be the same as a blank book. We go into our marriage with nothing written about what the marriage is or should look like. As we start writing that book, sometimes we need to make edits along the way. This course is designed to guide you and your spouse to continue writing or editing your own marriage book.

With over 30 years of education and experience, I believe I am just beginning to learn what it’s like to have a perfect marriage. Much of the success of my own marriage is due to principles taught is this course and my committed active participation in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I value the principles of an eternal marriage and strive to apply these principles everyday as well as teach others to do the same.

It is my sincere desire to help couples build strong, happy and healthy marriages!

Save money on marriage counseling by
learning principles that create happy relationships

Gain Tools to Strengthen Your Marriage and
Truly Communicate with Each Other on a New Level!

"The most important principle in a developing marriage is the trajectory of the relationship. A Jetliner traveling from point A to point B is off course 97% of the time. What causes it to go off course? Altitude changes, wind, and the movement of the earth are things that make adjustments necessary, or simply put, its environment. Without these course corrections, it would easily get lost and have no chance at arriving at its destination. Still it arrives at its destination on time because of the constant course corrections made to its trajectory in flight.

Likewise in marriages, environmental influences such as work schedule, health issues, interruptions, and relatives can alter the course of happiness in our marriage. However, like the Jetliner, if you stay tuned in to minor adjustments, you will stay on course and create your perfect marriage."

Marriage Fundamentals
BASIC Course

Foundational Principles
$ 198
  • Includes the Marriage Fundamentals Introduction Course
  • Start with a Marriage Satisfaction Self-Test and see where you are
  • Learn to create SAFETY, embrace change, upgrade your communication skills and improve your listening skills
  • 35 Lessons (Intro + Basic)

Marriage Fundamentals

Level-up after completing Introduction & Basic Courses
$ 149
  • Deeper understanding of the concepts learned in the Basic Course
  • Learn about Self-esteem, Surviving & Thriving
  • Understand forgiveness, learn ways to reduce anxiety, improve communication skills and plan 4 kinds of dates
  • 28 Lessons

Marriage Fundamentals
COMPLETE Course Bundle

ALL the Principles & Tools
$ 247 a $100 savings!
  • Includes all 3 courses:
    Introduction, Basic, and Advanced
  • Learn the principles and skills to truly communicate with your spouse
  • Save money on couple's counseling and coaching by learning and implementing these concepts first
  • 63 Lessons
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Want to know everything you will learn?

Inside the Marriage Fundamentals Course

The Fundamentals

Introduction Course

More Information

The Basic Course

Prerequisite: Introduction Course
(as the courses build on each other, it is recommended that you complete them in order.)

Going Deeper

The Advanced Course

Prerequisites: Introduction & Basic Courses
(as the courses build on each other, it is recommended that you complete them in order.)

The Whole Package

The Complete Course Bundle

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