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More than just marriage counseling

Communicating Love

We help you strengthen your most important relationships through improved communication

Is Your Marriage in Trouble?

Conflicts Happen – Even in Healthy Relationships

We help you communicate effectively to overcome challenges

Learning to communicate effectively from a place of love could be the difference between you and your spouse strengthening your love for each other and one or both of you feeling neglected, afraid, embarrassed, or even abused.

And small adjustments in how you communicate can make a big difference in changing that outcome for the better.

CALL or TEXT US TODAY to talk about your situation and we can guide you to the next step that would be best for you.

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Strengthening families

How We Help

Life & Relationship Coaching

Professional athletes have coaches that help them make small improvements in their mechanics that translate into big performance gains. The same principle is true for personal growth and relationships!

Marriage & Family Counseling

Our most important relationships are usually the ones we need the most help with. Whether you need help improving your relationship with your spouse, a child, or even a friend or co-worker, we've got you covered.

In Person or Online

We now offer most of our services either in person or via video conferencing, so you can have a session from from anywhere with an internet connection.

We can help in most situations

Coaching and Counseling for all kinds of challenges

Meet Rodney Limb, licensed counselor

Bring Harmony Into Your Home

we move you in the right direction

Whether you just need a little nudge – or a giant push – our team of qualified relationship coaches and licensed marriage and family relationship counselors has over 30 years experience helping families and couples just like yours bring peace back into their relationships.

Rodney Limb

individualized counseling for your specific needs

Customer Reviews

I appreciate Rod's insights and focus on directing me towards connection, evaluation, and taking action in being pro-active with my life. I am grateful for his abilities and will continue taking advantage of his expertise as the need arises.
Gj Folkins

Did you know? Four emotional deal breakers in a relationship are criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling.

Did you know? One of the most important skills in a successful marriage is to recognize the needs of your spouse and then fulfill them.

Rod had such an impact on helping me during a very difficult time in my life. It was never about the money to him. He was focused on helping me as a human being and I highly recommend him to anyone.
Chris Holt
Outstanding and amazing counselor! I first began seeing Rod 5 years ago... The impact on my life has been astronomical. Highest recommendation!!!!
Sarah Compton

Did you know? In therapy, you can learn to change your inner voice to believe the truth that you are worthy of love and respect.

3 Simple Steps to a More Fulfilling Relationship

1. Call or text us

Call or text us today to talk briefly about your current circumstances. We will guide you to the next best step for your specific situation.

2. Online or in-person?

Determine if you’d like to meet in-person or online via a video/phone call from the comfort of your own home.

3. We will work together to create your plan

We’ll help you create a simple plan for improving your relationships… and your life.

Go on. Rekindle that flame.

Don’t allow a simple communication problem to lead you a single step closer to something more dastardly, like depression, porn addiction, abuse, or divorce.

Creating a joyful marriage takes work, but it is work well worth the cost.

Did you know?

Communicating Love now offers individual and group coaching/counseling via video conferencing.

Get the same life-changing help from the comfort of your own home.