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Expressing Emotions

Oftentimes, when I have couples come into my office, one of the individuals (and it’s usually the woman) is just going and going and talking

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A woman drawing lines with upward slopes

Anger and Stress Management

Anger and Stress Management Anger sabotages relationships. It destroys the feeling of safety that is so key to communication, and it drives a wedge between

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A 1st-person view of mismatched shoes

Midlife Crisis

As we grow and mature, at some point we all ask ourselves: “Am I doing well? Am I achieving my goals? Is my relationship what

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Street signs pointing in all directions


Thoughts are just thoughts, and they come and go. The thoughts may be warnings, and warnings are natural and valid. But we experience anxiety when

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A couple sitting and talking on a couch

14 Marriage Inventory Topics

While they’re dating, many couples discuss their relationship, ask important questions, and hold a type of inventory. But they often lose the habit after marriage.

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A man sitting with his arm around a woman


Forgiveness is a key element for peace, joy, and happiness in a relationship. Dr. Ted Morter studied forgiveness and how it affects the body. He

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Feeling Out of Control

We often think that we’re out of control. But 99 million times out of one, when you’re enraged in the heat of the moment, even

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